www.morgunovart.com - is an official site of St Petersburg artists Maxim Morgunov and Neringa Morgunova. Here you can see their gallery of paintings, read some articles about these artists and find the information about upcoming exhibitions.

Maxim Morgunov’s painting is characterized by the pursuit to express the beauty and greatness of life in all its manifestations. Most of his works are dedicated to contemporary life. However in the motif of the present day the artist looks not for the momentary, but for the eternal values.

Neringa Morgunova is a master of subtle and sensitive soul, she can see beauty in the simplest things of everyday life, retain and express their unique atmosphere on a canvas. It is important to mention that her works are generally very atmospheric. Sometimes they not just depict an event or a motif, but evoke distinct associations, memories and feelings of the spectator thanks to the exact pictorial form found by the artist.